Maxim magazine also known as the “ultimate guy’s guide” is a magazine that targets middle aged men. This focuses on everything men in their middle ages find interesting, women being number one. This magazine explores movies, sports, music, etc., however, they use women to wheel in their audience. This magazine uses women as sex symbols to sale their issues
Maxim Covers:
Under each video, there is a “description” of the woman. Each description is something appealing about their physical appearance.
Maxim Website:

Their method is very different from Latina magazine, a magazine that’s geared toward empowering Latina women as a minority. Latina covers stories of women and their journies into the entertainment industry as Latina women. Of course this magazine targets women. Latina uses powerful, strong women who can relate to ordinary women, to sale their product.

Seeing a beautiful Latina woman who you can relate to will of course encourage any Latina woman to read and feel empowered.
Seeing the woman of your dreams half naked and sweaty on a the cover of Maxim will make any guy want to pick up and read up on the magazine.

Just to bring to you a specific case, actress eva longoria raned number two on the “top 12 hottest Maxim covers”.
In her interview with Maxim, she reveals things that only men would be interested in, such as her hidden fantasy of kissing a girl, and what she finds most attractive in a man. On the cover, she wears a two piece bra and panty set, lying upside down with her long locks hanging from the bed. This gives men a view of her more scandelous side.

She is also featured on the cover of Latina magazine, with a scarlet red dress on, poised and confident looking. In this story, she revelas what it was like growing up Latina, her fondest memories of her childhood, and what it’s like to be a Latina in the entertainment business. Her article in Latina Magazine is very inspiring, because she not only gives her insight, but also encourages Women of all races to be independent and stand up for what they believe in.


Papa was a “Rolling Stone”

Visuals are what grab people’s attention, and make them more interested in any subject. goes straight for the eye candy, giving you just enough to pull you in, but not enough to give away all the goods.
There are also full online artilces that bear every single detail of each story without missing a beat. A full article “The Kill Team” is published with the gory details of soldiers killing for sport in Afghanistan. What was shocking, was that the website posted several very graphic pictures of the turmoil these officers created, with photos of mutilation, severed heads, legs ect. without editing. Not only were there pictures, but also video of the events taking place, giving the reader a glimpse of just how devestating these actions were.
This, I feel, is very risky in media, to bear all the details with no sugar coat because people are so used to being fed the “safe” version of things. I, myself was appauled at how open Rolling Stone was with the telling of this story. It hid nothing from the reader, and I feel that as a big magazine, thats important to keep the reader coming back, giving them all the dirty details despite how graphic they may be.
This website is extremely visual, that way, if one thing doesnt hold your interest for long, there’s more eye candy in the same area, with tons of stories, videos, and interviews that would interest someone that’s just scanning through the site. Being as though Rolling Stone hides absolutely nothing from their readers, could also cause conflict with those being exposed though I’m sure they must have permission. I mean c’mon, how would America feel about seeing the “proud” and loyal soldiers of our country murdering innocent civilians for sport? It gives you a different perspective of soldiers, which is the good in exposing the raw truth because we, as Americans deserve to see that not all soldiers are heroes.
This cutting edge, push-our-freedom-of-speech-to-the-limit magazine, gives readers what they want, visuals, truth, evidence, and details to the bone of every story. This is what expands our horizons and culture, opening up new doors to things that are often hidden or kept on the “hush” to prevent our country from looking bad. So I say go for it! Writing is all about revealing the truth to people, so why not let it all hang loose? Every reader deserves to know the truth and nothing but the truth.
Here’s to Rolling Stone!! Roll on

“The Day the Movies Died”

I one hundred percent agree with Mark Harris. Movies are no longer an art form or just simply a means for expression, they’ve morfed into a business. I do believe it’s more beneficial for screen writers, actors etc that it’s become more of a business and branched off into different avenues of entertainment. However, that essence of art itself seems like it’s faded away, which takes away from the true reason film was developed to begin with. So, in my opinion, it’s both beneficial and hindering to all parties in film.
He asks that we, as an audience, look deeper into the true meaning of films, even films that may seem average. He asks that we engage more in underground films also, films that don’t get as much recognition as they deserve. He did, in fact convince me, just because I feel like these days, everything is so commercialized that we have forgotten true art forms and where everything began. I’m not sure if I can engage however because it’s also very difficult to find films that aren’t very popular. Films that have ten thousand commercials a day are the ones that people are obviously interested in seeing, because they do have such easy access. I will also begin to look deeper into films themselves because it is important to remember how it all started, which is an an art. I admit, being caught up in the media and all of te popular movies, I did forget that film began as an art, not just a business.
But now that it’s come to my attention, I will always keep in the back of my mind that film did indeed start with a bigger meaning, an idea, a passion, more than just “lights, camera, action!”.


When I interviewed, I was more focused on why my source was in journalism as opposed to finding out more about his personal life. I did this because I wanted to get a feel for what his true passion was without just asking him directly.
If I had another chance, I would probably get more into depth with every aspect of his interests and get a little more personal, just to make my interview a bit more interesting.
Ultimately, Bill took journalism because he wants to use it for bigger avenues. I also learned that he enjoys Science and told me “I took journalism to write about science”. He’s written 4 pieces that got rejected when he tried publishing but he plans to keep trying.

“Bill” aka William Petersen is a multi-talented scientist, whose main goal in journalism is to write about Science. Not only is he interested in improving his writing techniques, but he also has written several works such as screen plays and children’s books.
When I think about writing, I realize that not everyone is very talented in that department. Bill wants to not only improve his writing skills, but also “learn to research and write” for his future works. Before getting into journalism, Bill was interested in microbiology and plans to use his improved writing skills to further his education with Science through writing about it. He plans to continue to submit his writings to different publishing companies until he succeeds in his efforts. His constant drive despite defeat goes to show that he won’t stop until he reaches his goal; which is a four year degree.
So here’s to Bill and his future accomplishments!


My favorite show is Law and Order SVU.
I paid close attention to all of the “hidden messages” and there’s quite a few. In this episode, I didn’t notcie much prouct placement, but there’s TONS of cultural references, from the people walking on the street to the people in the precinct. From what I noticed, I think the message, besides enforcing how important detectives really are, the show also enforces the different cultures involved in criminal justice, including the offenders.
This episode is about a man who secretly was gay, but had a wife and a family. He murdered his lover to keep his secret but in the end got caught and gave his wife HIV. I think it’s pretty clear why the author decided to focus on this. There’s so many issues that we as a country kind of try to throw under the rug as if it’s not a big deal, down low gay men is one of those issues. The author, I believe, wanted to show the audience that these kind of things do in fact exsist.
This show has interesting story plots, stories that aren’t very common in other shows. The cases on SVU are very out of the box, things that people would’nt normally think of. I think that’s what draws people to the show because it is so spontaneous in an interesting and refreshing way.
The kind of commercials are for toothpaste, cervical cancer, cars etc. I think this is because they believe most of the viewers are an older audience, which is obviously FALSE because I watch SVU faithfully when there’s new episode on.
The characters are aggressive but have soft spots for their victims in every episode. I think this appelas to anyone that watches the show because it’s showing that though they can be tough on criminals, they do have hearts when it comes to those who have been violated.
I HATE Bad Girl’s Club, Jersey Shore, and American Idol, just to name a few.
Bad Girl’s Club and Jersey Shore: These shows are one in the same. They CONDONE drinking and partying. It gives the cast a chance to be complete morons for no reason and make it okay. It’s a house full of people who live their lives partying, as if the REAL WORLD allows you to make a living that way. They fight, have sex, party, and drink day in and day out, and at the end of each episode, there’s NO kind of moral or purpose to the activity that took place. These shows are also EXTREMELY superficial, constantly speaking on appearance, it seems like they have no kind of meaning to their lives except “we’re young, lets party all night!”, and that’s SO unrealistic. I think it’s SO easy to get famous these days that people don’t even pay attention to talent, which brings me to
American Idol: They dont focus on good singing skills. They want people who will appeal to their audience for more ratings. Talent takes the back burner in a show thats supposedly for people who HAVE talent. They focus more on image than anything else and it’s insulting to real musicians who have more talent than the people who didn’t even have to work to get where they are.
It’s really sad to see how some people get famous these days. There’s millions of people who have RAW talent, but will never get the oppurtunities that others with almost NO talent, take for granite.

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Rhymesayers is an independent label that specializes in hip hop. Although this is the main type of music they produce, their artists create different types of hip hop that different types of people can relate to. After listening to each artist, some of my favorites are Toki Wright, I Self Divine, and P.O.S. The label has an artists’ page and each artist has their own page. The artists’ pages include their activity such as tour dates, artist info, vidoes, news, interviews, and music from the artist. The label describes itself as an independent hip hop record label and distributes it’s music to consumers through Amazon, Fifth Element (an online store), and iTunes.
In listening to all the artists, reading up on their information and observing their types of music, it seems like this label is trying to reach anyone who is interested in hip hop, but there are so many different styles of hip hop on this label, that it could reach all types of fans, even those who arent particular fans of hip hop.
When it comes to popularizing it’s artists, Rhymesayers Entertainment is more focused on letting their artists make music and less focused on the fame aspect of their music. It’s very financially independent, and owns it’s own online store, Fifth Element, where they sell t-shirts, artists’ music, and other company products. The label is not at all looking into selling to a bigger label, but making a name for themselves in the music world. From what I’ve noticed, independent labels seem to have trouble breaking into the music industry and making a name for themselves, getting other labels to take them serious, so to speak. I think labels like Rhymesayers, who are determined to make a name for themselves, instead of kind of shadowing another label, can definately overcome that struggle.

Article Responses

“Political Blogs Ready to Flood Campaign Trail.”

Using blogs to create a broader political campaign may be a very clever idea, nine times out of ten, only people who are interested in politics will read the blogs anyway. I myself am not familiar withPolitico or RealClearPolitics, but that may be because I’m simply not very into politics. At the same time, if people were to have easier access such as a blog to inform people on what’s going on, that easy access may promt a younger crowd to be come more involved in politics (not me personally), but it is an idea worth being executed, just to see the outcome. I dont follow politics because they’re boring, but that’s just my opinion. Making a blog just to basically dumb things down for a younger crowd is bit insulting being as thought I’m in that age bracket, but like I said ealier a good idea, and the best way to find out if it’ll work is through trial and error, so more power to ’em! I’m also guessing these blogs would have to have censorship to a certain extent, which kind of takes away from the creativity of blogs and freedom of speech. Very contradictory, but I guess it’s all in opinions eh?

“Spotlight Again Falls on Web Tools and Change”

Shutting down the internet and cell phone connections; I understand that the turmoil in Egypt may be for them to solve on their own. However, shutting down virtually all of their connections to any nations outside of themselves is a bit extreme. I’m sure some of the people in Egypt used their internet connections and such to expose the turmoil they experience, which could’ve been helpful in the long run. America uses things like that for very trivial tasks, not all Americans, but I think we as a whole are so dependent on the technology world that without it, our country would be in a pickle.
The people of egypt sharing their experiences with other cultures and the global community could really give them hope that they’re not forced to deal the country’s issues on their own, because I’m sure if people were to see and hear from people living in that country, it would pull on someone’s heartstrings and they’d want to help in any way possible. Shutting down technology sort of prevents that from happening because “closed mouths don’t get fed”. But the people themselves seem to have no say in the decision, so I’d imagine it was certainly a henderance to most because now, they’re forced to live without outside communication.
It’s sad to think that someone else has control over what the people in egypt can and can not do with their own lives.
We in america are very lucky to have such a robust sense of free will and we take it for granite.

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